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Take 5


That's all it takes....really. Imagine you are just 5 breaths away from feeling a bit calmer, more present and ready to move back into your day.

The Take 5 practice is an ideal way to start your day or to RESTART your day.

*Before you start, have a timer (your device is just fine), and a pencil or pen and a journal or note pad.

Here are the 5 steps to moving into a space of calm confidence:

5 - Inhaling and exhaling through your nostrils - studies show that nostril breathing will help regulate our nervous system. Inhale for the count of 5..... Hold for 5..... Exhale (through your nose) for 5..... Repeat for a total of 5 breaths.

4 - Rest in mindful awareness for 4 minutes. Set a timer for 4 minutes. Assume a posture that is RAD (relaxed, alert, dignified) , allow thoughts to float by as if fluffy clouds on a blue sky horizon - no need to judge - just allow.

3 - Now jot down 3 things..... it can be 3 things you're grateful for; 3 qualities you appreciate about yourself; 3 reasons your partner is awesome; 3 things you're looking forward to... it's up to you - sometimes it's difficult to get started, once you do - let it flow. I'M GRATEFUL FOR YOU! I'M GRATEFUL FOR THE RAIN TODAY. I'M GRATEFUL FOR MY CUP OF TEA.

2 - Next, jot down 2 things you want or need to accomplish today. If this seems challenging start with the basics: Today, I need to brush (and floss) my teeth; Today, I will drink 4 cups of water.... OR Today, I'm going to start the research for my project. Today, I'm going to call my cousin and have a catch up. It need not be major - it's all about feeling a sense of accomplishment.

1 - And Last but not least, write down 1 reason why the two tasks above are important - "BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT! or IT FEELS SO GOOD TO CHAT WITH MY COUSIN or TAKING CARE OF MYSELF IS MY #1 PRIORITY"

There now.... I hope you will consider integrating TAKE 5 into your day - honestly, there are times in my day when taking 5 breaths is about all I can muster - and so I breathe, mindfully, 5 times, and I always feel a bit better.

BE WELL, It's going to be okay.

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